Business Tax Services

Tax legislation and tax law are continually changing and evolving, which in turn can have a serious impact on your business – for better or for worse!  We at Abrams Ashton our renowned for our business tax expertise and our ability to identify changes and developments in tax legislation to mitigate your tax exposure.  We proactively advise on changes and opportunities to ensure all tax reliefs are being claimed and review structures to ensure they remain tax efficient.

Our business tax experts can advise all businesses on tax planning, transaction support and compliance. Our tax advice is bespoke to each individual client’s circumstances, but typically we will look at:

  • Start-Up Options – If you’re starting a business, should you set up as a sole trader, a partnership, a limited liability partnership or a company? Do you need to register for VAT? We can advise on the best decision and will then review it where relevant.
  • Business Structure – If you’re a mature business, is your existing business structure the best one for tax purposes either now or in the future? We can identify the most tax-efficient structure for your business.
  • Tax Efficient Rewards – What is the most tax-efficient way to reward owners and key employees? There are many options to consider; we will discuss these with you to include calculations and commercial considerations.  We are also specialists on employee share option schemes that can provide very advantageous tax and commercial benefits.
  • Reducing Tax on Profits – we can advise on many ways to achieve this depending on your business makeup including maximising capital allowances claims, research & development tax relief, patent box relief, capital gains tax planning, and much more.
  • Research & Development (R&D) tax relief claims – R&D relief is a government-backed initiative that allows companies carrying out qualifying R&D related to their trade to claim an extra Corporation Tax (CT) deduction or even a significant CT repayment for certain qualifying expenditure. In this context, R&D covers a very broad range of activities. We have submitted many claims for our clients with a 100% success rate resulting in significant CT repayments that have been a huge cash flow benefit for our clients.
  • Transactions and reorganisations – We are specialists in advising on the most tax-efficient and commercial structures for company acquisitions, mergers, disposals and reorganisations. We have had enormous success in HMRC clearances to ensure transactions have HMRC approval beforehand, giving assurance on the best tax treatment.
  • VAT and Stamp Duty – We will advise on the VAT and Stamp Duty implications of transactions which could have a considerable impact on the deal.
  • Large companies – There are multiple tax issues specific to large companies and international groups that can have huge ramifications on the trade and nature of your business and decision making. We will advise on the relevant issues and help you plan your business dealings to take into account the relevant legislation and the best way to minimise tax enquiries into those areas.

If you would like to speak to a member of the Abrams Ashton team, please visit our contact page, or, you can fill out our simple online client information form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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